The Final Night

So, its my last night in the United States for another 3 months and 10 days. I just said good bye to Vicky and Michael is currently beside me on his laptop. Neither of us are really saying anything. Its kinda surreal, you know? My mind still hasn’t fully wrapped itself around the concept. Oh well.

Tomorrow I’m off to NJ with the Parental Units, Mike and Jenalee. We’re going to see Ellen and Jeanne in New Brunswick where Trevor is going to meet us (since he’s like, 10 seconds away). After that, my entourage will escort me to Terminal B of Newark International. Then I hop on a plane and try not to go insane of boredom / discomfort.

I’ll update again once I actually get settled into Thoresby.



3 Responses to The Final Night

  1. Gary says:

    safe flight steve

  2. Sabrina says:


    I felt that same way – the surrealness – right before I left for Chicago. I promise you’ll be fine. I was away from everything from August until Christmas. Granted you’ll be on a different continent (AHHH!!!!), just think of it as a new place to explore. I’m sure since it’s for school you won’t be completely lost, there’ll be lots of help and you probably won’t be the only idiot Yankee walking down the wrong streets 🙂

  3. chouettemerde says:

    lol i love how you think i live 10 secs away

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