So, I’m in London.

The process that it took to reach this point was exhausting. Yesterday we went to Newark at around 6:30, I said my goodbyes to my mom, dad, Jenalee and Mike, with minimal eye leakage, surprisingly. Getting in was easy, checking bags was easy, security was easy, the only thing that sucked was the fact that the flight (that was supposed to take off at 9:30) took off at 11:30.

I actually have very few complaints about the flight itself. We got on easily, took off right away, and I didn’t even need to open my bookbag up. They had great food and a ton of movies to select to read. I obviously chose the Dark Knight, and about halfway through it made an attemt to sleep. For the most part, it was successfull, however extremely uncomfortable. When I woke up, I resumed the movie until we landed.

Once we landed, we went through customs, which I’ve hears a lot of horror stories about, but it was actually not that bad at all. The man was very polite and unintimidating. Followed was a 45 minute bus ride to Thoresby, where I’ll be spending my next 3 months. I got here and promptly took a nap on my bed (which I still don’t have sheets for btw), until we had a meeting in the basement covering the basics. Then of course, I went grocery shopping and now I’m back, showered, and exhausted. But unfortunatly, sleep would be terrible as I’m running on Philly time, and it is in fact, London time. So yay for being super tired.

Tomorrow I’ve got to deal with orientation business, which shouldn’t be too bad, I hope. Otherwise, thats pretty much it. The first day in London has been decent so far.



2 Responses to Here!

  1. chouettemerde says:

    you lucked out with customs. I pet the drug dog and got yelled at and then got interrogated by customs officials lol and its almost 9 just stay up one more hour and you will be fine going to bed

  2. Britany says:

    aww yay hope ur having fun. but yea that would suck getting used to the time :/

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