So, I’m writing this entry in Word, because the internet is out. After a long day,  I decided I was extremely tired and managed to pass out sometime around 10. Unfortunately, I woke up at 5, as I did the previous morning, and could not get back to sleep. Unlike the previous morning, however, I have no internet access to pass the time and sat here going crazy with boredom for about 3 hours now (its almost 8). I just finished watching one of the movies I have on my computer and am now typing this to pass more time.

Yesterday was great, we got up and went to this place where we met Arcadia’s abroad staff. They more or less introduced us to what life in London was going to be like and outlined a few cultural differences between the English and Americans. We also got quizzed on a few things and I was excited because I knew a lot of the stuff already. They also had people from Parliament come in for the purpose of having a conversation with us and for us to ask them questions. A lot of questions were centered around their opinions of Obama and Britain’s relationship with the United States. I was going to ask about their party system, but we didn’t have enough time. There was a liberal, a conservative, and a moderate, and they were all hilarious. At one point, they got into an argument over something and kept interrupting each other. It was all surprisingly civil, however.

Afterward, Daniel Cassidy (one of the dudes in charge) took us all over to northeast London to some theater to watch the Inauguration. We got there and it was packed with people, all extremely excited, which struck me as very interesting. It was surreal to watch the Inauguration of my president take place while living in a foreign country.

The rest of the day was pretty much wandering around on the busses and tube. We went to some fancy pizza restaurant, and at that point, I was falling asleep in my chair. So all I wanted to do was get back to Thoresby and go to bed. This led me to make the terrible decision to follow Andrea and Jackie, assuming they know what the hell they are doing (fun fact, they don’t). So we wander around and catch a bus eventually. At this point, I get to Thoresby, go online for a few minutes and then pass out.

So yeah, one can tell how out of my mind I’m going without the internet by the length of this entry. Fortunately, its 8:30 and I’ve gotta go soon. I’ll paste this into my blog tonight, assuming the internet is back (which is better be).


(ps, the internet is obv back and today was a good one, but i don’t feel like typing about it now)


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