Day 3/4

I didn’t write yesterday because I was too tired, and I continue to lack the ability to reiterate the day. We got a bunch of information on classes, trips and homestay, so it was useful. I bought essentials, visited Kate and Amy at Palace Court, and went with Daniel and the rest of the gang to see The 39 Steps at Picadilly Circus, which was really cool ‘cuase its the Time’s Square of Britian (only it gets bonue points for not being in New York).

Today was also eventful, because we went to the market and bought some cool food, I finally got a charger for my phone and all that good stuff. We paid a visit to City University today and I must say I love the campus. We got a tour and it was really cool. Their mascot is a Carrot though… lol. They had a Wine/Cheese reception for all of the abroad students from all over the place. I attempted to meet a british student, but failed and settled for a guy and two girls from Wisconsin. Nothing else really, except we got our classes together. I’ll post what they are when its official.

Tonight was my first pub visit, too. We went to The Eagle, which is right down the street from Thoresby, which is good. I really like the pub atmosphere, its comfortable. The ale was good too, although it took getting used to the fact that its served warm. They also served a lot of it, and I almost didn’t finish it. I’m not a big drinker, so it took a lot, but I did finish. I can’t see me doing that more than a few times a month. Besides, I should prob be available for when the drunk bitches I live with need me.

Anyway, the ale made me tired, so I’m retiring early. I’m so excited for tomorrow, because its the day that we register for all our classes officially.



2 Responses to Day 3/4

  1. Mr. Tannen says:

    Dude. It’s awesome to hear about all your stuff that your doing. I hope classes go well and you had better keep me posted via this blog. Get some motha fuckin pictures up!!!

    Love, Alex

  2. Britany says:

    its so cool u get to see all these new things. its like a whole different world over there. sounds very draining but fun 🙂

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