I knew it was eventually going to happen and I was going to get out of the swing of updating. But I refuse to let this site go dormant for more than a week’s time.

I’ve been all over the place getting used to my new city, and I must say I enjoy it very much. The Underground is by far one of my favorite things about the city. Its so easy and efficent and clean, I can’t even believe it. I’m used to SEPTA, too, which makes it seem extra special. I know all the best routes to my more frequented destinations, and if I ever get lost (which I have a few times) all I need to do is find an enterance to the Underground.

I’ve also been bonding with my fellow FYSAEs a lot more, which is releaving because I was scared we wouldn’t really click. They played dress-up with me today and got me to buy european clothes. They’re alright I suppose. I do rather like the shirt..

But other than that, nothing major to report. My favorite place thus far is The Eagle, which is the pub thats right down the street from Thoresby. Its very comfortable and homey in a way. Most of the times I’ve been there, there was a huge crowd and everyone was really friendly. I’m gonna miss the pub scene when I get home, I know that much.

I do miss home a lot though (specific aspects in particular). I hope that when classes start, I’ll be in the swing of things and can finally let go and enjoy myself completely, rather than have the little ache in the back of my mind for home.

Classes start tomorrow. Expect an update on how it goes. Other than that, I’m gonna get back to my reading.



3 Responses to Finally

  1. chouettemerde says:

    steve the eagle is for old people lol

  2. Barb says:


    Is there a website for Thornsby? I’d love to see what it looks like.

  3. Big Stephen says:

    Hello there Stephen….I was so execited when Barb told me you had gone to England..That is really great!
    I hope you get a cahnce to see the town a little between studying…I will check up on your progress from time to time..keep blogging. If you have nay ?? about Europe…let me know!

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