Week 1 of classes: Complete

So classes are awesome. All of them. Which is really sad, actually, because I have tons of work to do and I kind of want to drop one, because I have enough credits where I can do that. But because I like them all, I don’t want to drop any.

History of Modern Britain since 1850: This class is my favorite, I think, because (well, obviously, it’s a history, but also) the teacher is kick ass. He’s a guy from northern Ireland, so I’m extra excited to hear his lecture on the Irish conflict. He’s really chill and probably my favorite “tutor”.

German 1: Well, my first class here was really awkward, because I arrived to the second class of the semester, I was the only first year, the only American and I made a bit of a fool of myself because my German is so incredibly rusty. That, and I had no equipment for the class, so that was even more terrible. But, the tutor didn’t seem to mind it much, understanding that I was thrown into the class late. The other people in the class were very welcoming, too. If I were to drop a class, it would be this one. However, I’m not going to because A) I need to keep up my German for when I get back to AU and take German II and B) it’s the only legitimate international class I have (every other one of my classes is 100% American), and a good chance to socialize.

Play Critique: This class is really cool, ‘cause I pretty much get £300.00 worth of theater tickets for absolutely free, and every Thursday night we go see a show. Last night’s was my first one (A View From The Bridge by Arthur Miller) and it was really good. The teacher comes off as nice sometimes and bitchy other times, but in general I like her. Its also fun because it has pretty much the entire FYSAE program in it (except for like, 3 people).

Historic London: This class is also a great opportunity for me to get to know London, because it consists of walking tours of the city and museum visits. This is also a class I considered dropping, because it has the smallest workload, but the thing is that it wouldn’t make much of a difference anyway. Plus, I wouldn’t get to see as many museums. The first day of the class, 57 people showed up (the max is 25), so I don’t know what they’re going to do about slimming it down, but I know the class isn’t going anywhere, because I was one of the people that pre-registered, thus, I’m guaranteed a spot.

Environment, Communities and the Arts in London: This is a very interesting class, because it covers the three subjects mentioned in the title equally, so it is none and all of them. Its only the second semester that the class has existed and so its still evolving. Most of it is based around class discussion and reading. Before I first went, I was almost sure I was going to drop it, to save myself from mountains of reading, but my mind quickly changed when I realized how awesome the class is. It caters to three of the subjects I find most interesting (art, environmental science and social psychology) with strong elements of history, my favorite  subject. So yeah, it stays.

And so my first week of classes is over and I feel as if this semester will be extremely challenging, but also really fun and the benefits will outweigh the disadvantages. Now I’ve gotta start packing for my home stay weekend in Portland. I’ll fill you all in on how that when I get back.


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