So, last night was cool, except I kind of had my first breakdown.

There was this live Irish folk band playing at a pub down the street (O’Neil’s), and we thought it’d be awesome to go check them out. We get there and the place is almost empty, so we get seats straight away (which NEVER happens in pubs here). I decide to order something different, so I go up and ask for a Bailey’s Latte, but their coffee machine was broken, so I ended up being boring and just getting a Guinness (which was fantastic btw). We sat there for a while and bullshitted with the band and stuff, and at one point, Katie  Claire and I ordered a chocolate cake among the three of us and it was completely gone in under a minute, I kid you not.

So when the band was done, we went back to Thoresby (but not before getting a few bottles of Irish Cider) and sat in the lounge drinking. We played Circle of Death, which should have probably gotten me really drunk, but surprisingly didn’t, and then we decided to chill and play Crazy 8’s.

Later in the night, we were all discussing problems and shit, and I suddenly missed everything SO much. I missed Arcadia, I missed Philadelphia, but most of all, I just missed my house, my mother and father, and my dog. I felt like it was going to crush me at some points. The four of us were probably a hilarious sight to see, us all being emotional over a table full of alcohol and cards. But after that, I decided that the best thing to do was to go to bed, so I literally walked back to my room, layed down and passed out. I’m writing this entry upon waking up.

I hate sobering up.

Ok, gotta run, we’re going to some museums today / then the library so I can pick up books for class.



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