Idle Hands

Are the Devil’s playground.

There are several things different between American and British universities, but I think the most glaringly obvious is the lack of work that we’re assigned. I’m sitting here feeling terrible about myself, because I can’t say I’m doing anything productive, but I  have no work I could be doing. All I have is the option to do extra reading so as to better understand the subject. A subject (British History) that I study on my own free time (yeah, I know..), and my Play Critique, Historic London, and Environment classes are all pretty much in-class work. Hell, all Historic London is, is us going to museums. We go, look around, and leave whenever we want. Its that easy. No notes involved or anything.

Anyway, my point isn’t to brag to my friends in the States about how little I have to do, my point is that I feel like I’m not being productive at all. I can’t get a job, because it’d be totally illegal, seeing as how I don’t have a working Visa, and if they catch me, I get immediatly deported. And going around and “expierencing” London requires money, which I’ve been losing at alarming rates lately and I need to stop. Plus, the city is dead during the day, except for, of course, shopping.

This is the last day that I sit here and veg out, though, because I’ve joined clubs at City and I hope to make friends there, so I can build my social network past Arcadia students. I need to get out and do something, I feel too idle.

Other than that, I finally booked my first two travel excursions. I’m going to Ireland Feb 20-23 and Spain Mar 27-29. I’ve yet to set a date for Germany, but that’s coming too (as well as possibly France). Needless to say, I’m terribly excited.


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