So, Friday was really cool. I got to meet with my penpal of a year and a half (Maz) and his friend Nik. The three of us chilled for a while, wandering around London and seeing things I wouldn’t have normally seen. Then at night, we were joined by Katie and Claire and went out to a few pubs before heading back home and passing out.

Saturday was cool, Maz spent the night at Nik’s, so we picked him up at Angel Station and went around the city again. This time, the girls wanted to go to Buckingham Palace, so we made our way there (it was difficult though, because every damn line was down in some way shape or form for weekend repairs, which is so annoying). After we were done visiting good ol’ Elizabeth, we checked out the shopping district, which couldn’t possibly have interested me any less, but hey, it was something to do. We came back and chilled for a little bit before going out to a few pubs. We hit The Eagle first, naturally, before wandering around the Angel-Islington area and we found some Australian place called Walkabout, and it wasn’t exactly a pub, but it wasn’t exactly a club either. I had a few things and grooved to myself in the corner (because I don’t do dance floors, ever). The English are really behind on their music, because I remember knowing most of the songs, which would never happen in America. We chilled there for the rest of the night before coming back and opening my wonderful bottle of German beer and sitting in and enjoying music together.

The weekend was a success, I would say. How was yours?


ps. there, we’re even, Trevor =p


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