Thursday is the new Friday

So, last night was really interesting. It was our theater night, and so we were off to Trafalger square to see Entertaining Mr. Sloane, which was a black comedy (and when i say black, i mean pitch black). It was pretty funny and quite disturbing, but over all very good. Imelda Staunton was in the lead role, and for those not aware, she played Professor Umbridge in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Naturally, the girls I was with made a mad dash to the exit when the production was over so they could get pictures with her. She was pretty nice about it too, despite the girls being a tad rude(“omg, what’s Daniel Radcliff like in person?!”) I got a picture, complimented her performence in the play (she was in fact, fantastic), and was done.

I was all ready to go home when the females suggested a pub, and we had to go to one with live music. I rolled my eyes and agreed to go. It was alright, i suppose. Too crowded for my tastes (but thats everywhere, pretty much), but the music wasn’t shit so i gave it a chance. After about 20 minutes, Jackie and Angela were leaving and I was ready to go with them, but Stanley was leaving too, and I refused to let Katie and Claire go home alone. So I stayed behind, grudgingly at first, with them. But we managed to make friends, so it was all good. They were four pretty cool guys from our area (go figure). So we had an alright time with them until the pub closed, so we all went home. It was amusing, because we were all going in the same direction. We exchanged contact info and parted ways. The night was a success, I’d say.


3 Responses to Thursday is the new Friday

  1. mike puglisi says:

    you did not mention that you met the lady who played umbridge.

  2. wezziebat says:

    Steve i love the fact that it actually sounds like you talking while i read your writing. I cant believe you just go see plays like its the movies. That would be soo kool! I miss you so much, and i got one of these for myself because I have been having some issues recently that I feel I can work out better if I write. You dont have to add me but I was just letting you know that I got one and will be reading from now on and commenting. Miss you!!! hope all goes well on your trip coming up, expect to hear a lot about it.

  3. wezziebat says:

    by the way its Emily D

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