So, I’m headed to the British Library, because I didn’t do the logical thing and complete my homework this weekend when I was completely alone.  I was completely alone becuase all the girls on my floor went to a trip around Bath. Why didn’t I go on said trip? Well, because it was a Jane Austen book tour. Yeah, no.

I took perverse pleasure in knowing, when they came back, that they had a shitty time. Apparently, they passed by Stonehenge AND the Roman Baths in favor of sitting in Jane Austen’s house for an hour, then touring the city, but ONLY going to places that she had interaction with. So yeah, I would have actually killed myself.

So, I sat on my ass all weekend. Good move, Steve.

Time for the library. Kate, who is going with me, wanted to make sure they’d have the books I need. I’m going to the BRITISH library for my BRITISH HISTORY course. Needless to say, I lol’d at her question.

Maybe if I get done early, I’ll be able to grab a Harry Potter book or two, because I’ve had SUCH an urge to read them since being here, but I refuse to buy them, becase I have a crippling fear of looking like an idiot and wasting my money (because I have a) already read them and b) already own them. sigh.)


One Response to Bibliotek

  1. Vicky says:

    Wanna finish this library tale? =] hahaha

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