Awesome Week

Ok, so, I apologize for not updating at all in the past week, but last week was completely boring and monotnous. This week, however, is turning out to be anything but.

Sunday morning was when the Arcadia preview kids got here. I got up bright and early to get ready and started walking towards King’s Cross (which is right near where they are). As soon as I turned onto the street their hostle is on, the busses started letting people off. So I stood there and waited for Mike, who eventually got off and we had a tackle-hug-reunion thing. I also got to see other people, which excited me to no end. I helped Mike up to his room, which he’s sharing with Regan and his friend Fox.

They had to go to some information session (which I followed them to) and afterward, I took Mike, Regan and Fox around the city. We started with Breakfast in the Eagle, which was amazing, if you were wondering. Then we hopped on the tube to get to St. Paul’s Cathedral, walked around that, across the Millennium Bridge, along the River Thames, under the London Eye, past the Houses of Parliament and ending at Trafalgar Square. I really wanted to get into the square, because they were having a kickass St. Patrick’s Day parade there, but they weren’t letting any more people in at that point, so we grabbed another tube to go hit another pub. Mike and I came back to Thoresby and chilled, because it was a long day, before going back out that night with Regan, Fox, Colin, Metzger, Worstall, Tommy, Dan, Kasey and this other kid named Steve that I had never met. We pub crawled with them (I was the DD, because I needed to make sure they knew how to get home), and it was a pretty fun time.

Monday was pretty cool too. We went to another lame meeting Arcadia had set up for them, and afterward we went down to the river, walked along it until we hit Tower Bridge, crossed it and met at the Tower of London. They gave everyone a ticket (except me, of course) and said go see it whenever. So the four of us decided to just skip it for now (Regan went back later) and we went to have lunch at this really nice tavern type place. It reminded me of Victorian England. At that point, we were all beat so we came back and took naps before we had to get ready for the Preview/FYSAE dinner. The dinner was pretty good, we had to talk to Jan Finn, which is always WONDERFUL. Then I sat with my friends and we ate and made merry.

That night, we went to Picadilly Circus and looked around for some good pubs, before settling on somewhere I now forget the name of, but it was really classy, I promise. We had a few drinks there, nothing huge, and came back home before the Tube shut down. I slept very quickly.

So now I’m up, killing time before class starts. We’re going to the Imperial War Museum for History today, which is funny because a bunch of Preview people are going to be there too, so that’ll be cool. I’m also due to go there tomorrow with my other class, but I might nix it. I’ll only go if Mike wants to see it (he’s going to the Victoria & Albert museum today, which i’m jealous of him for).

And so concludes days 1 and 2 of Awesome Week.

ps. Happy St. Patrick’s Day


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