Alas, Epic-Week is over.

Tuesday, or rather St. Patrick’s day, was probably the worst of the week, surprisingly. I had class in the morning till the early afternoon, and at that point, all the preview kids were off doing things that I wasn’t allowed to follow them on. Mike was at a football game that apparently sucked hardcore. But it didn’t matter, because I had plans set for afterward, right? Wrong. My plans were forced to be canceled because Arcadia is terrible at estimating how long things take and everybody was late and my plans got royally screwed. So by the time they got back, all the pubs were closed (because apparently, closing pubs at midnight on St. Paddy’s day is a wise business decision). And the pubs that WERE open turned us away, presumably out of a fear of money and success. So I spent the only St. Paddy’s day I’ve ever been legally allowed to drink sober as a Judge and without anything to do. Thanks Arcadia/UK.

Wednesday I woke up and went to class, blah blah, boring. Afterward, Amy and I met up with Mike and made our way to the Churchill Museum and the Cabinet War Rooms for Historic London. Kate would have came, but she was sick. So we got to where we needed to meet and something hilarious occured. We mixed our weeks up and, rather than where we were, the class was at the Imperial War Museum. So, taking that opportunity to enjoy the fact that we didn’t have to go to class, Mike and I went back to Thoresby to eat food. After lounging sufficently, we went to Palace Court to hang with a very sick and miserable Kate. We teased her, as is custom, and she threatened us several times with silence (none of her bouts of silence lasted long, she is Kate afterall…). We then went to Covent Garden to meet with Kate C and go see Chicago. The two Kates loved it, I liked it and Mike fell asleep. To his defense, he was really tired. We went to get food afterward and he almost passed out in his chair. So I rushed him home so he could rest. I eventually passed out myself.

Thursday began with my super super super boring class. Afterwards, however, I met up with Mike, Megan and Elena and we bonded. They were on a scavenger hunt for things in London and had to take a bunch of pictures and answer a lot of questions. Their group won, obv. Afterward, I took the three of them to Thoresby, because Megan needed to wash her clothes (there were peculiar things on her pants, like egg and Jägerbomb). So we did that for a while before heading out to Over There, the theater show of that week. It was a show about the re-unification of Germany after the fall of the wall and was told through two twins from either side, acting as symbols. Capitalism vs. Communism. Needless to say, it was my favorite production. Mike liked it too. Afterward, the guys (Regan and Fox) snuck me into the Generator bar and I enjoyed myself very much. Two Irish Car Bombs were very wonderful. And I got to hang out with all the Arcadians that I missed so much. It was probably my favorite night.

Friday, all the preview kids went on trips out of London, so I was without them until 5:30. That was ok though, because I got to sleep in, which was necessary for proper functioning that day. I also had to pick up EmTodd and Maz from King’s Cross/St. Pancras (at different times). I got Em first and took her back to Thoresby and we bonded, it was wonderful. It was so good to see that girl. We went out to lunch before we had to go get Maz. It was good to see him too =]. We hung around for a little bit before we went to the Generator to pick up Mike, Regan and Fox. We hit a few pubs after that, ate food, drank ale, and went back to the house and partied it up. Card games, Cider, and all that fun stuff. Eventually though, we had to get Regan and Fox out of there, so they peaced and we all passed out.

Saturday was when everybody left, but I was damned if we weren’t going to do the London Eye before then, so I made everyone get up mad early so we could book it for the attraction, which we got on SO easily, i was surprised. The “flight” as they called it, was awesome. Everybody else liked it too. After that, we hit The Shephardess for their last English Breakfast and took them to the Generator, where their busses were picking them up. It took me a little while to say good bye, and it was pretty emotional, but I did it and they left. I can’t wait to go home, now.

The rest of the weekend I spent bonding with Maz and EmTodd. After saying goodbye, we all went to Thoresby and napped like demons. After that, we decided to grab dinner and hit a few cafés around Picadilly. After that, we weren’t up to doing much, so we came back and watched Shaun of the Dead and slept. The following morning, we shopped around for shit (but never bought anything) and put EmTodd on her train. Maz and I chilled and watched Eurotrip and an episode of Skins, which is apparently some cool British TV show. I thought it was alright. After that was done, I took Maz back to KX and bid him farewell too.

With everyone gone, I relaxed for the first time in over a week, because I didn’t have to entertain any more guests. By Tuesday, though, I missed all of them so much, it was sad. I got over it, though, and here I am, about to get on a Plane to Spain. I’m sorry this update took so long to write, and I promise the Spanish update will be much quicker.


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