Concerning G20

So, this week, I had the distinct honor of being just minutes away from 20 of the most powerful men (and two women) in the world. And tons of riots.

I didn’t really get to see any of it firsthand, but it was all over the newspapers and internet. It almost makes me kinda sad that I missed out on all the action, but then  I remembered that I don’t have a dog in that fight. And I’m not particularly fond of the possibility of being injured by either side. So I kept clear and surveyed the area after everything was over. Trafalgar Square, one of the main venues for the protesters, was full of people hanging out, hippy types and college student types (yes, there is a difference), and a lot of public art (both sidewalk chalk and grafitti). It was interesting to see, to say the least.

Obama recieved more news coverage and praise than any other leader (including Gordon Brown, but thats not too surprising, as he has terrible approval ratings) and was on the cover of londonpaper for about three days in a row.

This week is the eye before the storm that is finals, Germany, and Home.

I still can’t decide if time went really slow or really fast.


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