Nein Deutschland

So, Germany isn’t happening. Which I suppose isn’t surprising unless you’re me, becaue I managed to put myself through an extra strong case of denial. The most important thing about my entire trip was to travel to Germany. I failed, partially due to my own failures, and partially due to people screwing me over. I made the mistake of assuming it was easy to book a trip in the beginning of the semester, so it wasn’t a huge priority from the start, which it should have been. I guess I sort of thought that I could do it at any time and I waited. Then, when I noticed my time running short, I contacted friend A, who had agreed to go with me from the start (another reason it wasn’t urgent). Unfortunately, friend A did not have the proper funds to go. I started to get really worried at this point, but not completely as I pitched my idea to friends B and C. Friends B and C then sat down with me and we looked up flights, hostels, and tourist things to do in Berlin. We got all the information down, but didn’t book anything because we didn’t know how we were going to pay for it. I was most likely just going to use my card and have them pay me. The booking of the trip then proceeded to not happen. When confronted (because I had to go to them, they didn’t come to me), friends B and C told me that they couldn’t afford it. Right, sure, thats all well and good, because I myself can barely afford it (except they’ve been to Scotland, Spain and Portsmouth since). At this point I had given up, accepting my defeat. However, friend D comes out of the woodwork and says that yeah, she could go and we can set it all up. We do indeed set it all up, get the bookings, the prices, the plans, all laid out in front of us (moreso even than the previous time). But, she had to check with her parents before booking anything, which is totally acceptable since I had to do the same thing. Then, her spring break comes, and she realizes that she’s out of money and nixes all her european plans to go home. That’s fine with me because, again, I understand the money thing. However, I talk to her and she says she’ll be back before our scheduled trip, and that it can still go on. I say great and try to make a skype date with her so we can book it all and everything will be great. Except after that, I don’t hear from friend D for a week, despite emailing her, calling her and texting her. Friend D FINALLY manages to get back to me by saying that the deal with her parents was that in order to come home, she wasn’t going to travel Europe and that she couldn’t come. This, mind you, is after about a week of me stressing out crazily about the entire ordeal.

So now I’m not going to the one most important place in the world to me. Dublin was great, Barcelona and Cork were alright and London is amazing beyond words. But they all pale in comparison to Berlin. But, at very least, I can enjoy the rest of my time in London, stress free. It’s just hard to live with the fact that, had I done more in the beginning of the semester,  I would have already been there, had fun, and not destroyed relationships over the matter. Sigh.


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