And thats a wrap

I’m home. I’ve actually been home for over a week, but haven’t gotten off my lazy ass to do my final update. Sorry about that, to anyone who happens to still read this thing.

So, I would definately say that the trip sort of changed my life. I’ve got a new perspective on the world, and I will hold that very dear to me. To have experience abroad is an exciting feeling, and I can’t wait to do it again. Sure, it was really freaking hard at times, and there were moments that all I wanted to do was just come home. But thats the way things are, nothing is 100%.

The days leading up to my departure were a blur of “lasts.” The day before we left, I saw everything I possibly could. St. Paul’s, the river Thames, Westminster, Trafalgar, Oxford St., Kensington Gardens and the general Angel-Islington area.

The night before we left, Maz visited and we all had a jolly good time. The girls were freaking out about packing and about whether or not their bags would be the allowed weight. We sat and discussed things, the semester, England, America, etc. It was a great end to it all, actually. The next day passed with minimal tears, fortunately, but the saddness was still there. I said goodbye to Maz and Claire (who was staying), got on the bus, and we rolled away from Thoresby. I teared up as we passed Angel, King’s Cross, St. Pancra’s, Euston, Kensington and Notting Hill, because I had just spent the past 3 months of my life in these places. The airport was annoying, and the flight was even worse, but after it was all over, we bid each other farewell and were off for home. My parents picked me up and it was absolutely wonderful to see them. We hit Wawa before we got home, and I wolfed down a hoagie before passing out in my extremely messy room.


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